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The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, 6/7/2022


An assortment of author visits, interviews, and footage from my research trips.

I read the first chapter of The Animal Rescue Agency

Eliot plays king of the mountain with bonobos

At Lola ya Bonobo, June 2011

15 minutes of storytelling around Queer Ducks (and Other Animals) for House of Speakeasy at Joe's Pub, NYC 6/2023

Q&A about Endangered

From Scholastic Book Clubs, September 2012

Sharing breakfast with Oshwe the bonobo

At Lola ya Bonobo, June 2011

Librarian Preview, Endangered

Fall 2012 Scholastic Librarian Preview

A chimp intensely focused on a food game at the Singapore Zoo

On my orangutan research trip, summer 2013

(For those who have read Threatened: I couldn't help thinking of Drummer's deliberate nature as I watched this chimp.)

"Getting Animals Into View." TEDxSpence, 1/28/2014

Tool use among bonobos

At Lola ya Bonobo, June 2011

Librarian Preview, Threatened

Spring 2013 Scholastic Librarian Preview

Visit to Largo Middle School, April 2013

Courtesy of iLiteracy, Pinellas County

Writerly States

Talking the author life and the craft of writing for children with Jen Werner of Writerly States. 

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