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Or: "Which Book Should I Start With?"


I frequently hear from people who are not sure where to start with my books, or who are buying a book gift for a young person and are not sure what to select for that child's age. Here are some thoughts!

(I offer these as minimum ages to understand all the themes and content--but of course every reader is different, and we should all feel free to read widely and without shame.)

For ages 7 and up, consider The Popper Penguin Rescue

For ages 9 and up, consider The Lost Rainforest or Spirit Animals series

For ages 11 and up, consider Orphaned or Geek Fantasy Novel

For ages 12 and up, consider Endangered, Threatened, Rescued, The Deadly Sister, or The School for Dangerous Girls

For adults, consider Glamorous Disasters or The New Kid

If you're just hunting through my site trying to figure out which book is the most popular or has the most readers, look no further than Endangered!



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